How would you like for your photos to come out like this?

Many photographers and brides have become aware of how excited or inconsiderate guest are when it comes to photography.  You may have a guest who thinks they should have been the photographer, the uncle or aunt who has to get every moment, or someone who simply are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The photographer doesn't have time to be mad about it, because addressing this issue may result in missing another moment or ruining the mood of the celebration.  Therefore, many professionals say the best solution is to request their be no cell phone pictures or cameras present at the ceremony.  I agree with this idea to have the officiant make announcement at the wedding and maybe even at the reception. Check this link out to see classic failures in which you would not want to happen to your wedding photos.

Are you Certain?

I had been pondering if I should continue photography or not, until I came across this article.  It reminded me of all the sacrifice, time, and effort I have put into being as successful as I am now.  The question is why would I quit? Why would I quit when I get to witness the most beautiful moments while getting paid for it. If i love to photograph, then why would I leave it? Have I put everything into this that I possibly could? Have I maximize my risk? My network? I know I feel like it sometimes, but have I maximized the time? These questions are what has kept me going and I believe if you are going to be an entrepreneur, then you should perpetually ask yourself the same thing! Do you really want to do this part or full time?
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