Blending Photos

There are lots of things to learn in Photoshop CS5, but one must learn how to do some fundamental things that are almost incorporated in every application.  The video above shows you how to fade two images into one another in a small amount of time.

Editing Photos

One of the best photo editing software is the Photokey 5 Pro.  I have literally been able to maximize my profit by 200% because of this on the go, easy to use has photo key 5 pro and other green screen products that will turn amateurs into professionals, instantly!  This software is also available on ebay.  You are able to download 100's of your photos and Photokey 5 Pro will add the greenscreen background to them all.  Now that's what I call maximizing your potential.

Make Money Doing What You Love

Now is the time when everyone in world has a reason to take pictures.  Some of those pictures that we take are while we are with friends, out for business, or on a trip.  The portraits that are least valuable to us often times are thrown away. Now we have reasons to keep those pictures and make a profit for them.  There are sites such as that also allow free membership in order to sell, buy, or trade photos.

Taking It to The Next Level

Watch the weather, move closer, and be selective are a few of many tips for creating quality photos at

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Take A Picture With Your Family